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Managed Services Overview

IT Network Efficiency

Bring operational efficiency to core IT and networks

ManagedServices are delivered in individually distinct packages. Of which, one will be customized to your business. Plans begin with a monitoring session with SeniorEngineering Analysis and Recommendations putting your system through a thorough and rigorous inspection. Once the initial information is gathered, analyzed and inspected for the most minute detail the engineer and the architect merge the information and like a piece of armor, it is molded to your companies needs and requirements. Managed Services ensure client infrastructure is performing optimally at all times by applying proactive monitoring tools with precision that every business regardless of size desires and is usually only spent on enterprises. When a company integrates a system, they shouldn’t have to fear their businesses safety, security, dependability and reliability. This feeling of content should not come from who has the biggest budget. When you come home every night and pickup that phone, do you fear there isn’t going to be a dial-tone? No, you expect it to work. We would like to provide you that confidence

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Managed Services combines 24x7 monitoring; management     of alerts to resolution; consultation/analysis and a specific set of     preventive maintenance IT tasks performed at scheduled intervals     (frequency based on specific client size and needs).

Managed Services is a comprehensive service designed for businesses who want to outsource the day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure. Whether your requirements are monitoring only or for help with an IT staff that may be facing increased demands or workload BlueC2C expertise and Managed Services has a solution.

This service has a low cost of entry, requires zero     capital expenditure and will pay for itself quickly through increased     uptime and performance from your IT infrastructure.

While you remain focused on your core competencies, BlueC2C keeps a watchful eye on your technology 24x7and provides the strategic guidance, maintenance, and ongoing support to keep your systems healthy and operating at peak efficiency.

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Drive Operational Improvement

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24x7 health checks on your IT infrastructure including network devices, servers, desktops, and applications (e.g., log monitoring)

Linux Windows, Mac OSX servers

Routers and switches

WAN connections

Windows and Mac OSX services        and processes

Server and Serverless Application availability & latency

Security Appliances –        Firewalls, VPNs, IPS/IDS

Manage Alerts; an Engineer will receive and respond       to alert notifications remotely.

Fault determination and remediation

First response Remote diagnostics and resolution

Written summary analysis of reports and call history

Update Meetings - your senior engineer and client engagement manager will meet with you to review IT statistics and status, and to discuss other issues as appropriate including migrations, new application roll-outs and proactive ways to optimize performance.

Ability to plan for and justify additional capacity needs based on report analysis

Detailed performance and trend reports

Detailed Security Monitoring  

Intrusion prevention and detection monitoring, focused on segmenting and protecting host        resources from unauthorized access

Vulnerability scanning on selected device

Software patch remediation  

Reduce costs of keeping current with Microsoft patches

Advanced application monitoring: SQL, Exchange.

Review of critical performance metrics associated specifically with the efficient operation of the application rather than the infrastructure, including database, response time, and memory.


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